Elizabeth Burt:
The Voice of Reason

Elizabeth Burt uses her professional and people-pleasing demeanor to all our public contacts.  As the voice of Abbott Bennett, she makes all our clients feel welcome.  Her charm is instrumental to the Abbott Bennett team of advisors.

Elizabeth loves her role as spokesperson and public relations manager, and is sure to help you just as she does everyone... With a warm and caring attitude.

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Abbott-Bennett Financial Services:

Providing Retirement Security through Safe Money Concepts

Chris Bennett:
The The Voice of Wisdom

Chris Bennett CLTC, MEP has been in the financial services industry for over 15 years.  He is co founder and CEO of The Abbott Bennett Group LLC, a financial strategies firm headquartered in Concord NH.
Mr. Bennett is one of America’s most successful professionals in the field of family and business risk management.  For the last 15 years he has hosted and conducted hundreds of seminars and workshops, speaking on a wide range of financial subjects.  Through his guidance, his clients seek to benefit from his experience with safe money concepts, creating paychecks for life, reducing their tax brackets to the virtue of 0%, and taking advantage of the newest insurance planning.

Chris is very active in his community both professionally and personally.  He is a member of multiple chambers of commerce, NAIFA: National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors, and MDRT, the Million Dollar Round Table. He and his family reside in Concord NH and enjoy life to the fullest.

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Mike Abbott:
The Voice of Strength

Michael D. Abbott has been assisting clients for 18 years helping to protect their retirement accounts.  In fact, he’s assisted thousands of retirees with their 401k’s and pension plans.  He has advised retirees of BAE, Wellpoint, Anheiser-Busch, Verizon, EMC, GE, and the State of NH just to name a few.  His practice focuses on helping pre-retirees and retires to avoid the most common financial mistakes.  Michael has helped people cut their taxes by as much as 50%, avoid taxes on social security, avoid estate taxes, and protect their estates.
Mr. Abbott started his career with Prudential Financial / Pruco Securities and has since started The Abbott Bennett Group LLC, and independent financial services company.  Mr. Abbott is a life member of MDRT, the Million Dollar Round Table, which is the premiere association of financial professionals.  He’s a member of NAIFA, National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors, and holds his prestigious MEP designation. (Master of Estate Preservation)
Michael and his family reside in NH and lives every day to the fullest.
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Financial Services Team

Meet the members of the Abbott Bennett team: Mike, Chris and Elizabeth. 
Each member brings their unique talents and skill to bear, providing you with the supreme customer service you deserve along with the long-term relationship and safe money strategies you want.

Get What You Can't From The "Big Guns"...

Your Own Personal Team of
Investment Managers

By allowing the Abbott Bennett team of investment managers to become your personal team of advisors, you gain a uniquely successful perspective on the confusing world of financial services.  Their casual demeanor, neighborly attitudes and professional knowledge will ensure that your financial outlook is a prosperous one.
Chris Bennett, financial counselor for Concord New Hampshire financial services office

Gina Prehemo-Paquette :
The Voice of the North Country

Gina Prehemo-Paquette is the up-and-coming representative of Abbott-Bennett in the North Country office of the Abbott Bennett Group.  Already smart as a whip, she's proudly back in school to learn more and serve you even better.

Gina also loves working with people, and is eager to help you get the same stellar service our clients have come to expect from The Abbott-Bennett Group.

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Mike Abbott, financial counselor
Elizabeth Burt, PR manager
Abbott Bennett financial management services
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